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How can I be involved in the QEP process?

Author: Robert Vongchan  Created: 04/24/2012  Last Updated: one year ago  Category: Quality Enhancement Plan  Views: 210  Rating: Unrated

Listen and ask questions when a QEP Committee member visits your department, division or organization meeting. Talk with other people about what ideas you have for enhancing student learning. Submit your ideas in writing, either at the meeting or by campus mail. (Address all forms to Institutional Effectiveness and Research.)

You may also choose to become a QEP faculty member, attend a book club, contribute used books, visit the QEP Center, attend the author series, do a READ poster, use an “I am reading” email signature line or door sign, read and/or contribute to the QEP page of The Seminole Scribe (student newspaper), and encourage your students to read in and out of the classroom.

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