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C.C., Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Leadership Certificate

Certificate Type: C.C.
Major Code: CJLEADR-CC
CIP: 0743010304

This program provides currently employed Florida Department of Law Enforcement certified law enforcement officers advanced leadership knowledge and skills. The certificate is upward compatible with the A.S. degree, Criminal Justice Technology.

Major Courses
AvailableCCJ2053Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice
This course provides the basic philosophical principles necessary to analyze ethical dilemmas within the criminal justice world. This course also offers an approach that deals with real life examples of misconduct, the effects of misconduct, research on criminal justice ethics and the various policy issues in criminal justice. This course will also identify themes that run though the entire criminal justice system, for example, issues such as discretion and due process concerning practitioners in law enforcement, the courts and corrections. This course will also look at how the definition of justice is defined by criminal justice professionals who deal with these dilemmas on a daily basis.
Not availableCCJ2452Managing a Criminal Justice Organization
This course will develop students to be effective managers by exposing them to concepts such as budget management, crafting program enhancements and proposals, project management, developing and maintaining agency policies, complying with federal and state labor laws and meeting expectations of accreditation bodies.
Not availableCCJ2460Introduction to Criminal Justice Supervision
This course focuses on the fundamentals of criminal justice supervision such as motivation techniques, applying discipline appropriately, conducting effective and meaningful employee performance evaluations, operational planning and implementing staff schedules. The student will also be introduced to the concepts of effective leadership.
Not availableCCJ2482The Public Face of Criminal Justice
This course introduces the student to the basic skills needed for effective public speaking and an appreciation for an effective public message program. The student will learn how to handle crisis management and the media as well as how to utilize social networking resources to meet the demands of the communities they serve.
Not availableCCJ2732Shaping the Future of Criminal Justice
This course is the capstone course of the Criminal Justice Leadership certificate program. Topics addressed will include the impact of generational change on law enforcement in the United States, recruiting and retaining qualified employees in the future and developing appropriate promotional processes. Prerequisite: Course must be taken in the last semester.
Articulated Credit Courses:
AvailableCJE1000Introduction to Law Enforcement
This course is designed to develop an understanding of the law enforcement profession. It examines the various approaches of modern law enforcement as well as a historical overview of law enforcement. It provides a description of policing and examines law enforcement as a balance of social, historical, political, legal, individual and organizational forces.
AvailableCJL1130Criminal Procedure
This course provides an understanding about balancing the power of government and the freedoms and privacy of citizens to allow the government enough power to serve and protect its citizens without unnecessarily invading individual rights.
AvailableCJL2100Criminal Law
This course identifies and defines principles and doctrines of law with emphasis on Florida criminal and civil statutes that provide sanctions for inappropriate behavior within our society.
Note: Articulated credit will be granted for current Florida Department of Law Enforcement Certification. Students must complete a "Request for Credit" form which may be obtained from the Seminole State College Center for Public Safety. Credit will be posted to the student's transcripts after completion of twelve (12) hours of college level coursework at Seminole State College.
Total Credits:24

Textbook information will be available online for each term's courses 45 days prior to the first day of classes for the term.

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