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V.C., Florida CMS Law Enforcement Basic Recruit

Certificate Type: V.C.
Major Code: LAW-VC
CIP: 0743010700

This program prepares students to receive a Basic Police Standards Certificate that is required to become eligible to take the State Certification Test to obtain a position as a police officer in Florida.

This program is approved by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Admission requirements and selection criteria may be obtained from the College's Admissions Office.

This is a limited-access program. Candidates must:

  • Apply and be accepted to Seminole State College;
  • Be at least 19 years of age;
  • Provide an official transcript(s) indicating successful completion of a standard high school diploma or equivalent;
  • Submit a completed Law Enforcement/Corrections/Crossover application;
  • Have a valid Florida driver's license;
  • Have no felony or misdemeanor convictions involving perjury, false statements or moral turpitude;
  • Complete the CJBAT (Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test) and achieve the following scores: 79 percent for Law Enforcement and 72 percent for Corrections; and
  • Successfully complete a physical fitness assessment.

Priority admission will be given to applicants based on a review of the following areas:

  • Education level
  • Law enforcement experience
  • Military experience
  • Driving history
  • Criminal history
  • Drug use

These areas will be assessed based on a rubric which measures applicants performance in each area.

Total program hours: 770

Major Courses
Not availableCJK0007Introduction to Law Enforcement
This course will introduce the student to the academy, graduation requirements and recruit expectations during their academy attendance. It will also include topics related to ethics, sexual harassment and the structure of the criminal justice system.
Not availableCJK0008Legal
This course will focus on constitutional law, elements of crimes, criminal involvement, liabilities and juvenile law.
Not availableCJK0011Human Issues
Crisis intervention is a major aspect of a law enforcement officer's job. This course will enable the student to know the different types of crisis situations that they could encounter when responding to a call.
Not availableCJK0017Communications
Law enforcement officers communicate daily with other officers, supervisors, victims, witnesses, suspects and their friends and relatives. This course covers telecommunications, communications and interpersonal skills, human interaction issues, interviewing ideology and report writing principles and mechanics.
Not availableCJK0020Vehicle Operations
This course will better prepare prospective officers to apply all applicable vehicle operations knowledge and techniques. Lab fee required.
Not availableCJK0031First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers
This course will better prepare prospective officers to apply all applicable First Responder knowledge and techniques to emergency situations. Lab fee required.
Not availableCJK0040Firearms
This course is designed to give the student basic skills and knowledge needed to operate a firearm safely. Lab fee required.
Not availableCJK0051Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics
This course provides physical skills training to basic recruits covering the use of force in controlling subjects and for self-defense. Although there is some classroom instruction, most of this course is physical training. Lab fee required.
Not availableCJK0061Patrol I
This course will enable the student to perform basic tasks and procedures associated with responding to commonly encountered patrol situations including observing activity, interacting with citizens, handling traffic and escort assignments, approaching and interacting with a suspect, making an arrest, transporting and processing a prisoner as well as completing the appropriate documentation and/or reports of these activities. Lab fee required.
Not availableCJK0062Patrol II
This course introduces the student to crowd control, criminal gangs and extremist groups, hazard identification, building searches and identifying weapons of mass destruction. Lab fee required.
Not availableCJK0071Criminal Investigations
This course introduces the student to the steps in investigating any crime against a person, how to provide assistance, complete necessary reports as required and interview witnesses.
Not availableCJK0076Crime Scene Investigations
This course will introduce the sequence of steps to initiate upon arriving at an incident or crime scene. Lab fee required.
Not availableCJK0082Traffic Stops
This course introduces the recruit to the basic rules for conducting safe, effective traffic stops. Lab fee required.
Not availableCJK0083DUI Traffic Stops
This course is designed to prepare students to properly perform DUI traffic stops through recognition of the signs of alcohol or drug impairment.
Not availableCJK0086Traffic Crash Investigations
This course introduces the student to traffic crash investigation, laws pertaining to traffic crashes and procedures for responding to a traffic crash. Lab fee required.
Not availableCJK0096Criminal Justice Physical Fitness
This course introduces the student to the concept of fitness for living. Each student shall have the opportunity to evaluate one's self and engage in a planned program for fitness.
Not availableCJK0422Dart-Firing Stun Gun
This course will introduce the student to the basics of the stun gun, particularly the dart-firing stun gun and provide knowledge of its practical use. Lab fee required.

Textbook information will be available online for each term's courses 45 days prior to the first day of classes for the term.

Each course offered by Seminole State is listed alphabetically and organized by the course prefix, catalog number and description. The courses in this catalog are identified by prefixes and numbers that were assigned by Florida's Statewide Course Numbering System, a system used by all public postsecondary institutions in Florida and 32 non-public institutions. Seminole State controls the description, credit and content of its own courses.

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