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V.C., Law Enforcement Officer Cross-over Training to Florida CMS Correctional Basic Recruit Training Program

Certificate Type: V.C.
Major Code: LETCO-VC
CIP: 0743010205

This program prepares certified law enforcement officers to become certified corrections officers without having to attend the entire corrections academy. It prepares students for the State Certification Examination for Corrections Officers approved by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Standards and Training Commission.

Total program hours: 156

Major Courses
Not availableCJK0315Facility and Equipment
This course provides students with an overview and basic knowledge of standard equipment and materials used to keep correctional facilities clean, safe and secure. Students will also learn to identify common problems found when managing equipment.
Not availableCJK0325Supervising in a Correctional Facility
This course provides students with an overview of the role of the correctional officer in the care, custody and control of inmates. Students will also learn the importance of developing supervisory and observational skills, practicing officer safety and following policies and procedures to ensure the safe operation of a correctional facility.
Not availableCJK0350Law Enforcement Cross-Over to Correctional Introduction and Legal
This course introduces the student to the basic concepts of the American correctional system. The course will familiarize the student with the applicable state and federal laws associated with correctional operations.
Not availableCJK0351Law Enforcement Cross-Over to Correctional Procedures
This course introduces the student to the operational concepts and practices associated with classification, processing and securing inmates. This course also introduces operational concepts and practices associated with emergency procedures in a correctional setting.
Not availableCJK0352Law Enforcement Cross-Over to Correctional Officer Safety
This course prepares the student to comply with safety requirements in a correctional setting.
Not availableCJK0353Law Enforcement Cross-Over to Correctional Supervising Special Populations
This course prepares the student to effectively supervise diverse and special population inmates in a correctional setting.
Not availableCJK0354Law Enforcement Cross-Over to Correctional Officer Wellness
This course prepares the student for participation in lifestyle activities which will promote health and wellness.
Not availableCJK0392Cross-Over Handgun Transition Course
This course provides training and transitions a student from the use of a semi-automatic handgun to a revolver or vice versa. Students must demonstrate proficiency for both handgun daytime and handgun nighttime using the course of fire specified in this course.
Not availableCJK0393Cross-Over Program Updates
This course is designed for instructors to deliver expanded or updated instruction on curriculum topics contained in the cross-over program. The eight hours do not have to be taught in one block but may be distributed as needed throughout the program with the approval of the training center director. For example, additional time may be used to integrate updated techniques or instruction from the high liability textbook, apply relevant case law or review topics from the curriculum textbook not specifically designated for classroom instruction. Because these hours may be distributed to other courses in the cross-over program, a written end-of-course exam is not required for the cross-over program updates course.

Textbook information will be available online for each term's courses 45 days prior to the first day of classes for the term.

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