Online Parent Orientation Survey

Your feedback is important and will help us develop a superior Parent Orientation program. Please take time to record your experience and suggestions for improvement.

This is my _____ student attending Seminole State College.
 Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
1. After the parent orientation, I feel more prepared for my student's transition.
2. Parent orientation covered the appropriate amount of information on campus resources and services.
3. After the parent orientation, I have a better understanding of the student experience and the resources available at the College.
4. After the parent orientation, I feel more prepared to support my student and empower him/her to take responsibility while enrolled at the College.
5. After the parent orientation, I understand what is expected of my student academically.
6. I would have liked for the parent orientation to spend more time covering:
7. Other suggestions or comments:
Thank you for your feedback!


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