Referral Process

Referral Process to Student Conduct Officer

  1. Within 24 hours of the initial incident, the instructor completes a student discipline form, attaches all documentation of any prior incident(s), and forwards it to the student conduct officer of the appropriate campus. Forms can be accessed through Sakai.
  2. The student conduct officer reviews the submitted discipline form, meets with the student and the instructor, and determines the final outcome.

Note: Students who have allegedly violated the College's code of conduct are afforded due process, as required by law and outlined in college policy 1.220 in the Student Code of Conduct. Proceedings and decisions are protected and will not necessarily result in the removal of the student from the course.

Referral Process to Seminole Behavioral Healthcare Center

Seminole Behavioral Healthcare Center (SBH) will provide Seminole State College with Student Assistance Services (SAS) on a referral basis at their facility in Seminole County.

  • Referrals to SBH are for currently enrolled Seminole State students only.
  • The student must obtain a signed referral form from a Seminole State College counselor, or student can contact SBH directly. The student must present a Seminole State College student ID card for services.
  • Services provided by SBH include:
    • Mental Health Hotline
    • Comprehensive Intake Assessment
    • Physician's Exam
    • Medicine Management
    • Individual Counseling
  • During nights and weekends, Seminole State College's Advising and Counseling Office is not open for services. Current Seminole State College students may use the SBH hotline during non-business hours by calling 407.416.9976.

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