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C.C., Alternative Energy Certificate

Certificate Type: CC
Major Code: ENRG-CC
CIP: 0615000003

As the demand for awareness and knowledge about sustainability and alternative energy increases, the Alternative Energy Certificate Program exposes students to emerging technologies related to energy. The focal point of this curriculum is to infuse sustainability and alternative energy curriculum broadly equipping students for opportunities upon completion as the growth of green jobs increases. Sustainability, alternative energy sources and implementation will be highlighted as well as an introduction to environmental policy in the United States.

The program contains a three course core introductory curriculum in sustainability. Following the completion of the core courses, students will be able to choose the remainder of the program based on the specific path in which the student wishes to follow. The paths are connected to increasing the student’s knowledge of emerging green technologies in engineering, design and construction. The students’ understanding of the principles taught in the classroom is enhanced with hands-on labs and real-world applications provided by faculty with extensive education and experience in the field.

Major Courses
Not availableIDS2201Alternative Energy Sources
As the demand for energy grows worldwide, there has been an increased emphasis on utilization of non-conventional power sources. This course addresses and explores technological advances in alternative forms of energy. Characteristics of both conventional and emerging technologies such as nuclear, hydro-electric, solar, wind, geo-thermal, ocean energy, hydrogen and battery-electric will be explored. Students will be exposed to the obstacles of alternative energy development and technological challenges of their implementation such as cost, infrastructure and availability bases on geography. Pollution and global climate change will be discussed. Identification of major outdoor air pollutants, the scope of outdoor air pollution and the assessment of potential solutions will be emphasized.
Not availableIDS2216Alternative Energy Policy
This course will expose the student to various policies and environmental regulations concerning air quality and dependence on foreign energy sources. Discussion will include enactment of policies, laws, regulations and programs with regard to conventional and alternative energy sources. Assessment of concerns over future depletion of global oil supplies and the impact to the U.S. economy will be discussed. The federal, state or local governmental response to issues concerning pollution and its impact on the number of environmental laws, the effectiveness of any proposed initiative and the extent of implementation and enforcement will be explored.
AvailableIDS2230Sustainability in the Built Environment
This course will help students understand the relationship between sustainability and buildings by addressing the three E’s of sustainability in the built environment. Students will explore the environmental influence of buildings on natural resources and the interdependence of economics, return on investment and the reduction of operating expenses. Social equality benefits to occupant production, health and quality of life will be examined. Sustainable best practices and standards will be emphasized.
Support Courses
Choose nine credits from the following list:
Not availableACR2930Selected Studies in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
In this course topics of current interest are presented in group instruction. Lab fee required.
Not availableAER2870Alternative Fuel and Propulsion Systems
This course introduces the student to emerging technology and alternative fuel propulsion systems. Safety, theoretical operation and service procedures are discussed and practiced in the laboratory environment. Personal protective equipment, high voltage systems, hybrid and electric vehicle components and diagnostic service procedures are emphasized. Hybrid vehicle powertrain sub-systems are explored and unique features that distinguish these vehicles from conventional automobiles are discussed.
Not availableARC2930Selected Studies in Architectural Design
In this course topics of current interest are presented in group instruction. This course may be taken four times for credit. Lab fee required.
AvailableBCN2230Construction Materials and Methods I
An introduction to the art of building, this course deals with whole systems of building: heavy timber framing, wood platform framing, masonry load bearing walls, structural steel framing, concrete framing and enclosures. The evolutionary development of the system, the properties of its major materials, the possibilities and limitations of the building method and the basis for choosing among systems is covered.
Not availableBCN2930Selected Studies in Building Construction
In this course topics of current interest are presented in group instruction. This course may be taken four times for credit. Lab fee required.
Not availableBCT1703Work Place Safety and Worker's Compensation Insurance
This course covers need-to-know information for students working in the construction environment. It includes personnel clothing and protective equipment required for safe working conditions. The course also identifies long-term injuries, minimizing risk, common sense safety practices and current OSHA requirements for builders. This course is also offered as Credit-by-Exam for apprenticeship students.
Not availableBCT2930Selected Studies in Building Construction Trades
In this course topics of current interest are presented in group instruction. Lab fee required.
Not availableEET1035CFundamentals of AC/DC Electricity
This is an introductory course in basic electricity intended for the engineering technology programs. It consists of the concepts, laws and definitions encountered in AC and DC electric circuits.
Not availableEET2930CSelected Studies in Engineering Technology
In this course topics of current interest are presented in group instruction. Lab fee required.
Not availableIND2930Selected Studies in Interior Design
This course is scheduled for students who wish to explore topics, emerging trends and/or technologies currently impacting the interior design profession. Coursework is presented in group instruction. Variable content depending upon the specialized topic in which student is enrolled.
Total credits:18

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