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Construction Management Associate in Science

Construction Management Associate in Science
Type: AS
Subplan Code: CNMGT-AS
CIP: 1646041200

Program Description

Seminole State’s Associate in Science (A.S.) degree in Construction Management is a blend of construction project management, building science and business courses that will prepare students for a career as a manager of commercial and residential construction projects. Graduates typically are
employed as assistant project managers, project field engineers, project administrators and cost estimators. This degree will prepare students for state licensing and Seminole State’s B.S. in Construction.


Houses, roads, bridges, power plants, schools and hospitals are just some of the essential structures that support daily life. These residential, commercial and industrial projects are led by construction managers who coordinate the many details required to complete them, often while supervising multiple concurrent projects.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program are employed as:

  • Assistant Project Managers/Project Engineers
  • Estimators
  • Field Superintendents
  • Home Builders
  • Purchasing Agents
  • Schedulers

Job Outlook

Employment in this field is expected to grow by 17 percent (about as fast as average) through 2020 (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics). Construction managers will be needed as the level and variety of construction projects expands. Population and business growth will result in new construction of residential dwellings, office buildings, retail outlets, hospitals, schools, restaurants and other structures.

College Credit Certificates

Students pursuing this degree also may obtain the following college credit certificates:

  • Building Construction Technology Technical Certificate


Graduates of this program are qualified to earn the following industry certifications:

  • Autodesk Certified Associate - Revit Architecture, (ADESK020)
  • Autodesk Certified Professional - Revit Architecture, (ADESK025)
  • NCCER Carpentry - Level 1, (NCCER005)
  • NCCER Carpentry - Level 2, (NCCER032)
  • NCCER Carpentry - Level 3, (NCCER033)
  • NCCER Carpentry - Level 4, (NCCER034)
  • NCCER Construction Technology, (NCCER008)
  • NCCER Electrical - Level 1, (NCCER010)
  • NCCER Electrical - Level 2, (NCCER038) 
  • NCCER Masonry - Level 1, (NCCER025)
  • NCCER Plumbing - Level 1, (NCCER026)
  • NCCER Plumbing - Level 2, (NCCER069)
  • NCCER Plumbing - Level 3, (NCCER070)
  • NCCER Plumbing - Level 4, (NCCER071)
  • NCCER Project Management, (NCCER027)
  • NCCER Roofer - Level 1, (NCCER053)
  • NCCER Roofer - Level 2, (NCCER054)
  • NCCER Roofer - Level 3, (NCCER055)
  • NCCER Roofer - Level 4, (NCCER056)
  • NOCTI Building Construction, (NOCTI043)
  • NOCTI Carpentry, (NOCTI018)
  • NOCTI Home Builders Institute/NAHB, (NOCTI042)

Additional industry certifications may be available for college credit certificate programs.

Placement and Salary Information

Visit Career Coach to explore potential careers including local job demand, salary/wage data and employment lisings.

Visit Smart-College-Choices.com to access employment numbers and the estimated average, annual full-time wage for graduates of this program.

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This A.S. degree is transferrable into the B.S. degree, Construction offered at Seminole State College.  Interested students should should refer to the Baccalaureate section of the catalog for further information.


Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees are designed to prepare graduates for immediate entry into their chosen career field. A.S. degree graduates may transfer into certain baccalaureate programs. Students planning to transfer to baccalaureate programs should consult with Student Affairs counselors, advisors or specialists to make sure required courses are taken and entry requirements are met for the college/university program of their choice.

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