English for Academic Purposes

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses are college credit preparatory and elective credit courses specifically designed to prepare students who are speakers of other languages for higher education or professional development. Students must apply to Seminole State College and are assessed to determine their levels of English language proficiency.

Students who have studied high school outside the United States or have studied ESOL in high school are assessed to determine their levels of English language proficiency. Students whose proficiency is lower than that required for ENC1101 are placed into English courses based on the results of placement tests and a writing sample. Once students begin the EAP course series, they must complete the entire sequence of courses within the skill area indicated. Upon completion of each skill area sequence, students take program and exit exams to qualify for other college courses.

EAP course descriptions are available in the course descriptions section of this catalog. Tuition for EAP courses follows College guidelines per credit hour.

Domestic and international students must follow the guidelines provided by the College Admissions Department and the International Student Office. Please see the Admissions section of this catalog for more information.

For more information on EAP, please visit www.seminolestate.edu/adult-ed/els/.

Pathways to English Proficiency at Seminole State

English for Academic Purposes Course Flow

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