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College Graduation Requirements

Graduation and certificate requirements may change due to changes in state laws or rules. Students are encouraged to see a Seminole State counselor prior to each registration. Any course waivers or substitutions must be approved in writing by either the Admissions and Graduation Committee for the Associate in Arts degree or the appropriate dean for the Associate in Science degrees and certificates.

Students are responsible for meeting in full the requirements for graduation or program completion as set forth in the College Catalog and any published changes for the specified catalog term.

The catalog considered "in effect" and binding on the student is one of the following:

  1. The catalog semester/program plan under which a student originally enrolled. The student is not required to be enrolled continuously; however, the student must graduate or complete his or her program within five years from the initial semester of enrollment. 
  2. The catalog under which a student is re-admitted will govern the student's graduation requirements. A student previously enrolled whose attendance is interrupted by 12 months or more will be re-admitted under the current catalog year and must graduate or complete his or her program plan within five years from the semester of re-admission under that catalog. 
  3. The catalog semester in which a student changes or begins a new program plan. A student may change his or her program plan prior to the first day of classes of a semester. Once classes for the semester begin, any change must be effective beginning the next semester.  It is the student's sole responsibility to ensure that he/she is in the program plan he/she desires. Students will follow the catalog requirements of the semester in which the change of program plan takes effect and must complete the program within five years. 
  4. The College reserves the right to change the curriculum as necessary. Some courses or programs may be discontinued. The College does not guarantee the courses will always be available. Students enrolled in programs where curriculum is determined by state legislation, rule, licensing and/or accrediting agencies, or students enrolled in programs where significant state-of-the-art technological changes have occurred may be required to satisfy the current catalog's graduation requirements.

General Graduation Requirements - Associate in Arts, Associate in Science degrees

The degree candidate must satisfy these general requirements:

  1. Complete a minimum 60 academic hours with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 excluding courses designated by an asterisk (*) in the course description section of this catalog (college preparatory level courses and vocational level courses).
  2. Complete at least 25 percent of the total degree requirements at Seminole State (e.g., a 60 semester-hour degree requires at least 15 semester hours completed at Seminole State College).
  3. Achieve a GPA not less than 2.0 ("C") in all courses taken at Seminole State, provided that only the final grade received in a course repeated by the student was used in the calculation of average. Transfer courses at upper-division level (3000-4000) and at the college preparatory level are excluded from the GPA calculation. A grade of "D" used to satisfy degree requirements may or may not transfer, subject to the policies of the institution that the student enters.
  4. Successfully complete (grade of "C" or higher) the following: six semester hours of English coursework and six semester hours of additional coursework in which the student is required to demonstrate college-level writing skills through multiple assignments and six semester hours of mathematics coursework at the level of college algebra or higher. For the Associate in Arts degree, Seminole State requires that students satisfy the requirements by successfully completing General Education coursework in English, humanities, social sciences and history, as well as mathematics courses. For the Associate in Science degree, ENC 1101, ENC 1102 and mathematics General Education courses must be completed with a "C" or higher. If mathematics courses are not required for the program, students must test out of preparatory mathematics or successfully complete preparatory mathematics courses in order to be eligible for college-level mathematics.
  5. Complete all college preparatory level courses required by entry-level testing with a grade of "C" or higher.
  6. Have on file, in the Records and Registration Office, official transcripts of all college work previously taken at other colleges or universities.
  7. File an application for diploma in the Records and Registration Office by the published deadline date on the College Academic Calendar.
  8. Pay all fees and discharge all other obligations to the complete satisfaction of the College.
  9. The student is not eligible for graduation until all grades of "I" have been removed from the academic record.
  10. A student must be enrolled in college-level coursework at the College during the semester that he/she graduates. It is the student's sole responsibility to ensure that his/her program plan is correct and current for the semester that he/she graduates. The College will not change the student's program plan if it is not accurate. 

Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree Requirements

  1. Satisfactorily complete 36 semester hours of the General Education requirements.
  2. Complete items one through ten of the General Graduation Requirements.

Associate in Science (A.S.) and Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S) Degree Requirements

  1. Satisfactorily complete a prescribed course of study in one of the A.S. degree programs.
  2. Satisfactorily complete 15 or more semester hours of the General Education requirements as specified in the program.
  3. Satisfactorily complete all General Graduation Requirements except item four.

College Credit Technical Certificates and Career Vocational Credit Certificates (PSAV) Award Requirements

  1. Satisfactorily complete a prescribed course of study in one of the certificate programs.
  2. Satisfactorily complete items eight through ten of the General Graduation Requirements.
  3. Complete PERT for College Credit Technical certificates.
  4. Complete TABE for Career Vocational certificates.

Baccalaureate Degrees Requirements

Please refer to the baccalaureate degrees section of the College Catalog.

Academic Foundations Requirements

Please refer to the School of Academic Foundations section of the College Catalog.

Student Learning Outcomes

Collegewide Student Learning Outcomes are abilities expected from Seminole State College graduates.

Student Learning Outcome #1

Communication: Read, write, speak and listen effectively.

Student Learning Outcome #2

Critical Thinking: Observe, analyze and synthesize information and apply problem-solving skills.

    Student Learning Outcome #3

    Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning: Understand and appropriately apply mathematics and scientific principles and methods.

      Student Learning Outcome #4

      Information Literacy: Find, evaluate, organize and use appropriate information.

        Student Learning Outcome #5

        Global Sociocultural Responsibility: Prepare to participate actively as informed and responsible citizens in social, cultural, global and environmental matters.

          Graduate Placement Rates

          Latest Placement Rates Available From State Data

          Academic ProgramAcademic Plans2010-2011
          Percent Placed
          Associate Science Accounting Technology 100%
          Associate Science Architectural Design and Construction Technology 83%
          Associate Science Automotive Service Management Technology 100%
          Associate Science Automotive Technology 94%
          Associate Science Business Administration 100%
          Associate Science Business Management, Marketing and Administration 91%
          Associate Science Computer Information Technology 100%
          Associate Science Computer Programming and Analysis 100%
          Associate Science Construction Management 86%
          Associate Science Criminal Justice Technology 77%
          Associate Science Digital Multimedia Technology 100%
          Associate Science Drafting and Design Technology 100%
          Associate Science Early Childhood Education 100%
          Associate Science Early Childhood Management 100%
          Associate Science Emergency Medical Services (EMS) 100%
          Associate Science Fire Science Technology 90%
          Associate Science Graphics Technology: Digital and Interactive Media Design 100%
          Associate Science Health Information Management 100%
          Associate Science Interior Design Technology 92%
          Associate Science Legal Assisting/Paralegal 100%
          Associate Science Networking Services Technology 100%
          Associate Science Nursing RN 98%
          Associate Science Office Administration 100%
          Associate Science Physical Therapist Assistant 90%
          Associate Science Respiratory Care 95%
          Applied Technology Diploma Medical Records Transcription Specialist 85%
          Technical Certificate Accounting Applications 100%
          Technical Certificate Accounting Operations 100%
          Technical Certificate Accounting Specialist 100%
          Technical Certificate Building Construction Technology 100%
          Technical Certificate Business Operations 100%
          Technical Certificate Business Specialist 100%
          Technical Certificate Child Care Center Management 94%
          Technical Certificate Child Development Early Intervention 100%
          Technical Certificate Computer Aided Design 83%
          Technical Certificate Computer Engineering, CISCO CCNA Certificate 100%
          Technical Certificate Computer Programming Specialist 100%
          Technical Certificate Computer Specialist 100%
          Technical Certificate Digital and Interactive Media Design 100%
          Technical Certificate Digital Media: Graphic Design Production Certificate 100%
          Technical Certificate Digital Media: Graphic Design Support Certificate 100%
          Technical Certificate Digital Media/Multimedia Production Certificate 96%
          Technical Certificate Early Childhood Education Pre-School Specialist 86%
          Technical Certificate Educational Assisting Certificate 100%
          Technical Certificate Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 81%
          Technical Certificate Entrepreneurship 92%
          Technical Certifictae Fire Company Administration Fire Inspector I 67%
          Technical Certificate Human Resources Administration 100%
          Technical Certificate Information Technology Analyst 100%
          Technical Certificate Information Technology Specialist 100%
          Technical Certificate Information Technology 100%
          Technical Certificate IP Communication Technician Certificate 100%
          Technical Certificate IT Management Certificate 100%
          Technical Certificate Kitchen and Bath Specialization 100%
          Technical Certificate Mechanical Design Drafting CAD Certificate 50%
          Technical Certificate Medical Information Coder/Biller: Health Information Management 87%
          Technical Certificate Office Management 100%
          Technical Certificate Office Specialist 100%
          Technical Certificate Office Support 100%
          Technical Certificate Paramedic 95%
          Technical Certificate Web Development 100%
          Technical Certificate Wireless and IP Support Specialist 100%
          Technical Certificate Wireless and Advanced Technology 100%
          Vocational Certificate Advanced Home Health Aide 91%
          Vocational Certificate Articulated Nursing Assistant (Patient Care Technician-Nurse Aide/Orderly) 85%
          Vocational Certificate Automotive Service Technology 88%
          Vocational Certificate Correctional Officer 70%
          Vocational Certificate Cross-Over Corrections Officer to Law Enforcement Officer 97%
          Vocational Certificate Firefighting 76%
          Vocational Certificate Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 95%
          Vocational Certificate Law Enforcement Basic Recruit 80%
          Vocational Certificate Patient Care Assistant 100%
          Vocational Certificate Practical Nursing 97%
          Vocational Certificate Apprenticeship Electricity 100%
          Vocational Certificate Apprenticeship Fire Sprinkler System Technology 100%

          Notes: This list represents outcomes for students who completed academic plans during the 2010-2011 year. Academic plans that did not have completers during 2010-2011 are not listed. Academic plans not active as of the printing of this catalog are not listed. Placement percents are based on the number of students in the placement pool for each academic plan. The placement pool includes students found by the state placement system. Placement is defined as working in a degree-related field, continuing postsecondary education or serving in the military.

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