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CCJ 2940 Section 44592 - Practicum

This course is designed to provide the student with supervised work experience in public safety or social services institutions that deal with the prevention, intervention, suppression or prosecution of gang crime or activity. Participation in this course may be voluntary or paid at the discretion of the institution. The student must fulfill the requirements of a minimum of 60 hours on-the-job work experience. The student will be required to complete a writing assignment related to the work experience. Department consent required. Students must successfully complete an internship application process through the Sheriff's Office. Students will be required to complete a criminal background check.

Prerequisites: CCJ 1512 and CCJ 2509 and CCJ 2511 and CJC 2212 and CJE 1177 and CJE 1204, CJE 2262.
Terms Offered: Fall, Spring
Credits: 3.00

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A44592Direct Independ Study OnlineSLM Open05/0806/20ModersonTextbook InformationView Syllabus
A44592Direct Independ Study OnlineSLM Open05/0806/20PleasantsTextbook InformationView Syllabus

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