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CJK 0015 - Communications

This course will identify issues affecting the officer's ability to protect and enforce the law when dealing with criminal street gangs and extremist groups. This course will identify issues affecting the officer's ability to protect and enforce the law when dealing with the elderly population; introduce the correct and efficient way to take field notes so that the information is complete, organized and legible; introduce how to thoroughly document the facts regarding a situation or incident in a logical order with correct grammar, spelling and accuracy of facts in a final written report. It will identify the interviewer's responsibilities; the interview process; factors and techniques affecting the success of an interview; types of witnesses, signs of deception and the nature of admissions and confessions; introduce the basic concepts of statement-taking and provide skills to enable students to effectively obtain a statement; enable the student to make the most efficient and effective use of FCIC capabilities and to perform law enforcement communications in an effective and professional manner. The student will know how many law enforcement lives are taken each year in the line of duty, comprehend ways to increase chances of survival, know fatal errors that have killed law enforcement officers, recognize the stress associated with working in situations that could be life-threatening and describe ways to deal with or reduce the stress. It will introduce the student to basic rules of officer safety when responding to a crisis situation and the recognition and assistance of citizens in crisis and enable the student recruit to apply the problem-solving model SECURE in a law enforcement response.

No corequisites or prerequisites
Terms Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
Credits: 2.56

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