Employer Co-Op Eval

This is an optional survey to give the co-op office feedback on how well the co-op process works for you.

This survey is for the employers who have worked with Seminole State to hire interns. The purpose of this survey is to get feedback from the employer about the interactions with the Seminole State Co-Op Office throughout the semester. Please indicate the degree to which you agree with the following questions:
1. I understood my role as the student's co-op employer.
2. The paperwork and additional time required of me to supervise a co-op student were reasonable.
3. After this semester's experience with a Seminole State co-op student, I would be likely to seek another Seminole State student to fill a future job opportunity or co-op position.
4. How many times during the semester has the faculty advisor been in contact with you or your company either by phone or during a worksite visit?
5. If you experienced any problems or issues with the co-op student, whom did you contact?
6. The co-op student was academically prepared for his/her work assignment.
If you have not already done so, please fill out the Employer Evaluation of the student to leave further information. Your feedback contributes to the student's final grade for the co-op class.
7. What could the Co-Op Office do better to serve your needs?