SPD Request for Funding - Professional Study

Instructions - How to Request SPD Funding

Employee requesting funding completes sections 1, 2 and 3 and submits form to the Staff and Program Development (SPD)/Business Office at the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus with required documentation. Form must be turned in prior to the start of the class/workshop to be considered for reimbursement.

Section 1

Fill in all requested information.

Section 2

All employees requesting SPD reimbursements for professional study are hereby advised that reimbursements will only occur if funds are available at the time the reimbursement is being processed.

Fill in all requested information and attach the required copy of the fee statement and the course registration/schedule. Requests received that are incomplete or without supporting paperwork will be returned to the employee. Indicate payment for tuition, lab fees, certifications fees, etc. Books, organizational memberships, test prep courses, testing (when not job-related certification testing), application fees, late fees, convenience fees and third- or fourth-attempt fees are not allowable for reimbursement. Seminole State College parking fees will be covered, but parking fees at other institutions are not covered. Full- time employees may request up to $2,500 per fiscal year after being employed full-time for at least six (6) continuous months. Part-time non-student employees may request up to $1,000 per fiscal year after reaching the required accumulated hours. Part-time instructional employees must be employed at the College and have completed 225 contact hours within the two-year period prior to applying for funding. (Equivalent of one term of hours for a full-time instructor: 15 hour-load x 15 weeks in a term). Non-instructional employees (excluding student employees who are ineligible) need 600 hours.

Section 3

Specify the reason for requesting funding. The reason must be related to your job, such as skill improvement, department need, working toward a degree, professional certification or recertifications, or a study that contributes to the accomplishment of the College's mission, vision and goals. For degree-seeking applicants, a planned program of study is required. For all other applicants, a statement of the direct relationship of the activity to work improvement is required.

Section 4

To be completed by the SPD Office. The hours worked by part-time non-student employees will be filled in by the SPD Office when the form is turned in with sections 1-3 already completed.

Section 5

Submit a copy of your completed grade/certificate along with proof of payment to the SPD/Business Office and the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus, certifying that the activity has been completed. The intent is that reimbursement will be made to employees when the initial payments are related to: personal out-of-pocket expenses, personal loans obtained through financial aid, payments made by family members, the Florida Prepaid College Program, etc. Payments made by federal, state or institutional grants, (e.g. Pell, Bright Futures), or scholarships are ineligible for reimbursement. Payments made by other third parties will be approved/disapproved according to the intent of this guideline. The form is signed at this time. Do not sign beforehand.

Section 6

The SPD/Business Office completes this section after the course has ended. No funds will be refunded if paperwork was not approved and turned in prior to the start of class/workshop.

Section 7

The SPD/Business Office will complete this section once all other sections are completed and required documentation has been received.

Required documentation:

  1. Copy of fee statement showing class registration and the specific amount requested
  2. Planned program of study, or statement of the direct relationship of the activity to work improvement
  3. Copy of grade/certificate and proof of payment upon completion of activity

For more information, please contact Sandra Lochner, Accounting Manager, at 407.708.2549.

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