Dr. E. Ann McGee and AHS Graduate

District Board of Trustees Scholarship

  • Full-tuition scholarship for two academic years
  • One scholarship each year is awarded to a student that has at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and plans to attend Seminole State in the fall immediately following graduation.

Herbert and Nana Kline Scholarship

  • Students who plan to attend Seminole State in the fall immediately following graduation are eligible to apply.

Other Seminole State Scholarships

3.0 Academic Scholarship
  • This scholarship covers tuition up to a maximum of 12 credit hours.

The Bright Futures Companion Scholarship

  • Scholarships are available for high school graduates who are Bright Futures recipients (or intend to be) and will attend Seminole State in the fall term following their senior year. This companion scholarship covers $250 each academic term and is renewable for an additional year provided that the student maintains the Bright Futures award. Summer funding is based on availability. Completed scholarship applications must be submitted to the Seminole State Admissions Office by the priority deadline.

The Robert J. Schmidt & E.S. Douglas Scholarship

The Good Student Incentive Award, provided by The Seminole County Sheriff Office


Additional Scholarship Resources

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