Admission and Orientation Requirements

Seminole State Adult High School Graduation

High school credit classes are offered for individuals 18 years of age or older with minimm 2.0 GPA and 12 credits.

In order to sign up for these classes, students must meet placement requirements and have appropriate test scores. Applications may be obtained in the Student Success Services Office (B-113).

Individuals who apply for admission will fall into two categories: co-enrolled students and high school transfer students.

Co-enrolled students are individuals who are enrolled in Adult High School classes while maintaining enrollment in another high school. In order to be admitted as a co-enrolled student, students must submit both of the following:

  • A letter of recommendation from a high school counselor stating the specific course(s) that are approved to be taken.
  • A completed Seminole State Adult Education Application.

Transfer students are individuals who have withdrawn from other high school programs and who desire to complete the State of Florida requirements for the standard high school diploma through the Adult High School at Seminole State. The following steps must be taken to enroll:

  • Show proof of withdrawal from the previous high school attended.
  • Bring an official sealed transcript of all high school credits attempted.
  • Fill out a Seminole State Adult Education Application.
  • Schedule appointment for admission testing and orientation.

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