GED Online and GED Home Study Program

The GED Online and GED Home Study Program provides GED prep classes for qualified students, 18 years of age or older, who wish to take the GED exam. Students who successfully pass all parts of the GED exam earn a State of Florida High School Diploma and may continue their education by enrolling in college courses or in a vocational program.

In order to participate in the GED Online and GED Home Study Program, students must complete the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) with scores of at least 9.0 for reading and at least 6.0 for math and writing.

Students who wish to build their skills in reading, math or writing to the levels required for this program may begin traditional classes at a number of locations throughout Seminole County.

Program Options

The GED Online and GED Home Study Program offers students a variety of study options, including:

  • Study materials through the U.S. mail for students without access to a computer
  • The online course site with access to study materials from a home computer
  • Study assistance via telephone, email, the course site or directly with the instructor by appointment
  • Weekly, subject-specific workshops

Students who take GED prep classes at Seminole State and earn a score of 170 or higher on each of the four subtests of the GED exam may compete for a college scholarship worth up to $1,000.

For more information about GED Online, call 407.708.2627 or email Irene Paino. To learn more about GED Home Study, call 407.708.2454.

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